Meet Wayne Beaton in Denmark

Wayne - our most esteemed evangelist - will talk at a after-work meeting for eclipse.dk in Copenhagen on Thursday. The subject - apart from whatever you ask him - will be test driven development:
Test first development is a top-down process by which code is written starting with tests. Once tests have been created, the process changes to that of making the tests work by implementing the application code. In this short talk, we demonstrate how Eclipse support for JUnit facilitates test first development in the context of creating Java and Java EE applications, and plug-ins.
If you would like to participate, the meeting is taking place at ITU (Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 5.sal, 2300 KĂžbenhavn S) Thursday 16:00-18:30. Please sign up at eclipse.dk.


Wayne said...

Just to clarify... the session will be held on Thursday night, right? (you say Tuesday at the bottom of the post)


Anonymous said...

Thursday, it is :-(

Sorry for the confusion...