Tycho and pre-p2 update sites

(from "Simplifying The p2 Process, Part 3: Associate Sites")
Even as p2 has taken over the world domination when it comes to Eclipse update sites, you can still find old-style update site around. This really doesn't matter as long as you want to install features in Eclipse itself - it just takes longer, as all features of the update site is downloaded - but if you want to use these old-style update sites in a Tycho build, then you have a problem as Tycho only support p2 based repositories, not the old-style update sites.

During the development the next version of our AGETOR product, we recently had this exact problem with the Elver update site, which contains the needed plug-ins if you want to work with Teneo. In this post, I'll try to describe how you can solve the problem, and likely also get a faster and more stable module resolution with your Tycho build.


Sources of Eclipse Related Information

Eclipse can sometimes seem to be a very big and difficult animal to master or just understand. Most of all when you want to implement your first new functionality in Eclipse.

One of the question I have tried to answer on many occasions, is where you can find good and relevant sources of information on Eclipse technologies. As it happens there are many sources of information on Eclipse technology and below I have tried to list those I use or would recommend. If you feel any important sources are left out, please feel free to comment below and I'll try to update this post...