Don't forget your running shoes... if you feel blue

For those of you that feel a little run in the morning is a good cure for any blues - or simply fear that all the hard late work will warrant it - there will be a short 5-6 km tun in the morning starting from the entrance of Hotel Nestor.

Just be there by 7:20 and we will take a slow scroll around the parks of the center of Ludwigsburg. Any ideas for good routes will be much appreciated.

See you Tuesday morning!


ESE '08: Please provide a proper calendar

In the Spring at EclipseCon '08, there was a iCal based calendar with all the events and sessions of the conference. That was very useful when you wanted to figure out just what to attend to. The fact that it was in iCal format made it possible to synchronize to many types of devices - such as mobile phones - as well as Google Calendar...

But for ESE '08, I cannot find a calendar with the sessions. Just the one made by Bjørn - it seems - with three entries: "Symposia", "Day 1" and "Day 2". It is linked to from the front page of ESE '08, so one can only assume that it was the intension to add more stuff... or not?

If a calendar with all the events and sessions exists, can anybody point me to it?


ESE '08: Will there be any organized runs this year?

I have been looking for some time now, but as I cannot find anything, I have to ask: Will there be any organized runs this year at Eclipse Summit Europe?

With all the good food and the many sessions where we all sit and listen, a little run or two would do us all good.