eclipse.dk has been launched

It has taken us some time, but now it is here: eclipse.dk.

Eclipse.dk was created in Marts 2007 as a meeting place for everyone interested in the Eclipse platform.

The purpose of Eclipse.dk is as follows:
  1. To promote the knowledge of Eclipse in Denmark.
  2. To create networks amongst danish Eclipse-users and developers.
  3. To build knowledge on Eclipse in Denmark, especially
    1. In danish institutes of higher education.
    2. Between danish companies developing applications based on Eclipse.
  4. Create and maintain a web site on Eclipse for danish users – eclipse.dk.
  5. Strengthen the relations between danish and international Eclipse-users and organizations.

The eclipse.dk society has members representing not only vendors of Eclipse-based products and services, but also users of the platform and representatives from institutions of higher education.

On 31. August, Eclipse.dk will have its first major arrangement with a focus on Eclipse 3.3.

To join the eclipse.dk society, use this page.

Please note that the web site is in Danish (almost only).

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