And the great release wheel starts another turn

Another turn of the great release wheel has just ended successfully with the release of Eclipse 3.3 (Also known as Europa)... and the next turn starts immediately (to be named Ganymede)

The first mile stone, Eclipse 3.4M1, has just been released and it already has several new noteworthy items - see Eclipse 3.4 M1 - New and Noteworthy. My personal favorite is the "Extract Class refactoring", which will extract a number of member variables from an existing class into a new class. It forms a very good basis when an internal 1-to-1 relationship should be changed into a 1-to-n relationship.

If you want to know what is planned for Eclipse 3.4, you can look at the plan for Ganymede (alternatively here) and some of the sub-plans: Team, Text, JDT Core, JDT Text and JDT UI, and others... if you can find them yet. Note that these plans are not expected to become final before late August.

If you want to download Eclipse 3.4M1, use this link - with the new download structure of Eclipse 3.3 it can be a little difficult to find the download pages for specific releases.

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