Eclipse aware Java Obfuscator wanted

It is not the first I have heard this request from a customer: how do we obfuscate the Java code for an Eclipse RCP based application? Because it is not as trivial as it might seem.

There are a number of problem with obfuscation of Java code when using Eclipse RCP:
  • Any class that is mentioned in the plugin.xml should either not be obfuscated or the plugin.xml should be changed as well.
  • Any Java package that is exported by a plug-in, should not be obfuscated as other plug-ins might depend on these.
Of cause it is possible to built a list of packages and classes that should not be obfuscated by hand, but this is Eclipse - the tool integration platform - so it must be possible to automate this work.

Has anybody done this? Any pointers to obfuscation applications and Eclipse plug-ins will be appreciated.
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