Where to host and build...

I have a open source project, I would like to give a better home. Currently I use Eclipse Labs, but I do miss a number of services, so I would like to hear what other people do with similar projects.

What I like to see in the new project home is

  • Source management - Mercurial is preferred but Git could be used as well
  • Wiki pages for the documentation
  • An issue management system with a good integration with Mylyn
  • A simple way to provide continuous build based on check ins in Mercurial or Git
  • A simple way to provide a p2 repository based on the results from the builds
  • All of the above in the clouds... I don't want to host any dedicated hardware
The suite from Atlassian works be fine - I have used this in several commercial projects - but requires a dedicated host as far as I can see (until now I have managed to have all my needed services in clouds...) Bitbucket, javaforge.com and sourceforge.net are all in the clouds but all miss the good Mylyn integration and the continuous build...

I don't mind paying for hosting, but given that this is an open source project, I cannot pay a fortune every month...

So, to all the open source project maintainers out there: what do you do?
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