Javagruppen - the Java user group in Denmark - yearly conference

Javagruppen - the Java user group in Denmark - have had very interesting two-day conference at Hindsgavl Slot on Fyn.

On the first day, I first talked about Eclipse e4 and what you should expect compared with the current 3.x versions. The presentation was well received and there was a very lively discussion about the pros and cons of the different changes that are made in e4. I almost didn't have the time for the look at the code... You can find the slides here.

I then heard Heiko Seeberger talk about Scale and Lift. Scala is cool - very cool - for an old Lisp developer like me. If only I could find the time to integrate this with PDE, then it would be extremely cool. Heiko? Lift? I don't know... I'm not into web design so to me there are just too much magic involved in this...

Then Agata Przybyszewska talked about RSpec and Cucumber for UI and functional testing. I'm not sure I understood all, but then I have never been looking into Ruby or RSpec.

Next day, Jeppe Cramon first talked about how they have generated code from models in a number of projects using TigetMDSD. Very smart and definitely something that scales way better than JET from EMF.

Last I heard Tommy Dejbjerg Pedersen talk about Google Android & Wave. Rather interesting - now I see a reason to get involved in Wave. And Tommy gave me not reasons to regret my

I look forward to next year. If just it wasn't cold outside...

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Tom said...

Thanks for talking about e4!