Hosting text editors in views - is it possible

As some of you might have noticed from past postings, I normally prefer to use only views in RCP application and no editors at all...

One of my new customers already have a text editor (based on TextEditor) as an Eclipse IDE extension they want to bring over to a new RCP application. One of the questions, we now have to assert is whether to use editors in the RCP application in question or try to redo the editor as a view.

But, before we start on this work, I just wanted to hear if anybody out these has tried to do this before and have a qualified meaning about the issues involved. Is it at all possible? Or is it just a lot of work?

We understand that the real work is in how to use SourceViewer and friends, and that seems to be doable in a view, but...

If it turns out to be very difficult to implement editors in view, we might just dedicate a speciel perspective for this, but the best solution probably would be to use views only.
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