A Danish Eclipse User Group: eclipse.dk

An Eclipse-only user group has seen the light of day in Denmark. The name of the new user group is eclipse.dk - but please note that the corresponding web site does not function yet.

The new user group - initiated in late April - has active participation from all segments of the Danish Eclipse Ecosystem:
  • IBM and BEA represents the product providers
  • The RCP Company represents the service providers
  • Nordea and Ubiquitech represent the professional users
  • DIKU, CBS, RUC and DTU represent the academic users
We have many hopes for the new user group. Most notably we hope that the new group can help counter the influence that Microsoft has on the software used on higher education. It would be a sad case, if we cannot get good software engineers with knowledge in Java and possibly Eclipse, just because they only know about .net and C#...

The user group has already invited people to the first after work meeting: 31. May we have gotten two senior engineers from Instantiations to talk about their products - especially the designer tools and the test tools. If you want to participate call Sachin Dhiman on +45 51 92 24 06.

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Forexs said...

Luckily where I study (Civil engineering, software tech at DTU) the standard language is Java AND the IDE of choice is Eclipse! What a wonderful thing indeed. I couldn't imagine doing anything else at the moment.